The end-to-end encrypted cloud solution for file sharing and collaboration

Enjoy the highest level of security ‘Made in Germany’ with the cloud solution by Bundesdruckerei, a company that offers high security solutions for both governments and private businesses.

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Highest level of security

Bdrive uses CloudRAID technology, end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and RAIC to protect your data. This powerful combination ensures that none of us – neXenio or Bundesdruckerei or our cloud storage providers – can compile and access your data.

CloudRAID divides your data into chunks that are sent separately to cloud storage services all over Germany. As an additional measure, E2EE uses cryptographic keys to encrypt your data. Only devices authorized with multi-level authentication can be used to decrypt and access the data.

Prevents loss of data

Do you want access to an older version of your file that you deleted? We’ve got you covered! You can restore any data that you deleted in Bdrive within 30 days.

Further, redundant storage using RAIC (Redundant Array of Independent Clouds) prevents loss of your data even if multiple cloud service providers face technical issues.

Share data internally and externally

With the appropriate trust level, you can also share files and folders externally, such as with your business partners. Further, you can define the duration of access the invitee can have to a particular file or folder.

Protects user and organizational data

With our cloud storage service providers located within Germany, you can be confident that EU Data Protection laws – some of the most stringent in the world – are followed.

Verifies identity of sender

Files sent to you through Bdrive are digitally signed and so, you can be sure that the sender is indeed who they claim to be.

Scales efficiently

Since all of the data processing happens on individual users’ devices and the storage is on the cloud, scaling up is effortless and efficient.


Our cryptography and technology might be complex, but our user interface is designed to be intuitive and straight-forward.

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