Financial Services

For financiers, bankers and insurers who deal with sensitive data and complex portfolios, a unified and highly secure platform to store, share and collaborate on data becomes imperative. Ranging from a solution for encrypted data storage and sharing to a platform for interactive collaboration, neXenio’s tools help financiers, bankers and insurers to focus on their demanding jobs.

Encrypt and protect your data

Bankers and insurers are legally obliged to protect the sensitive data of their clients’ financial records. The highly secure end-to-end encryption of bdrive ensures that only authorized personnel can ever access the data in it.

Collaborate with teammates

With bdrive, sharing folders with internal colleagues to collaborate on a project has never been easier. Using highly secure links, relevant files can also be shared with external partners and clients without them having to install additional software.

Document client interactions

With neXboard, finance personnel can visually represent their notes during client interactions to help them make informed decisions. This also ensures transparency and clarity during the interactions.

Comply with GDPR

By encrypting data locally before it even leaves users’ devices, bdrive guarantees GDPR compliance in file sharing. It encrypts files on the users’ devices using the latest cryptographic algorithms and divides the encrypted data into chunks.