90% of clinicians and health care executives surveyed believe that good patient engagement affects the quality of health care. With its suite of products, neXenio helps clinicians to personalize patient interaction and promote patient engagement. From diagnosis to treatment to early warning systems, both healthcare providers and patients are empowered to transparently and securely collaborate.

Protect patient data

Medical teams and institutions are legally obliged to protect the sensitive data on their patients’ medical records. The highly secure end-to-end encryption of bdrive ensures that only authorized personnel can ever access the data in it.

Make timely and informed decisions

By securely sharing data such as colleagues’ notes, scan and laboratory results on bdrive, clinicians quickly get a 360-degree view of the patient’s health status and can therefore make timely and informed decisions.

Improve patient engagement and relationship

With neXboard, doctors and patients can transparently document the consultation notes as well as treatment options.

Set up warning systems for high-risk patients

Patients who use BAuth can also set it up to remotely warn emergency medical services when their behavior changes in a certain manner. This leads to better patient outcome as it significantly shortens the time between a life-threatening event and an emergency call.