Be part of the nexus between research and the corporate world

At neXenio, we develop highly secure cloud solutions, unique data analysis and online collaboration tools with user-friendliness at our core. In partnership with HPI, SAP and Bundesdruckerei, we ensure that our products are continuously developed with the latest technologies and trends.

We are currently looking for:

Junior Sales Executive(f/m/o)

As a junior sales executive at neXenio, you will be systematically introduced to the demanding, performance-oriented and diversified distribution of our solutions.

Senior Sales Executive(f/m/o)

Are you ready to realize your sales vision and work in an innovative and fast growing Berlin company?
You have experience in solution distribution or have already been responsible for sales?
Then you will be a perfect fit at neXenio!

Software Test Engineer(f/m/o)

A motivated Test Engineer with a background in software engineering and experience in working on agile software projects. Ideally, you have been a developer for a long time, but you want to focus more at the product level.

DevOps Engineer(f/m/o)

We are seeking for a talented DevOps Engineer with a sense of responsibility and passion for our products. We are constantly evolving and therefore, you should be willing to learn and grow with our teams..careers__job-offers.clearfix

Operations Engineer(f/m/o)

We are seeking for a talented Operations Engineer with passion for our products, new technologies and automation. We are constantly evolving and therefore, you should be willing to learn and grow with our teams.

SecOps Engineer(f/m/o)

We are seeking for a talented SecOps Engineer with passion for security and our products. We are constantly evolving and therefore, you should be willing to learn and grow with our teams.


You studied Interface Design or already made some practical experience, the main thing is that you are competent and we can count on you full time. Come over and introduce yourself!

Interfacedesign Student(f/m/o)

You are currently studying interfacedesign and look for a part time experience in the field? Come over and introduce yourself! Our team is growing steadily and the design team at nexenio needs active support.

Apply now:

Our neXcademy trainee programm

Are you eager to learn and motivated to explore the potential of technology in all areas of life? Are you looking to develop your skills and identify your talents before deciding on your future career path? Then our trainee program – the neXcademy – is the perfect choice for you.

To apply, email us at with your CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to be an intern or trainee with us. Convince us that you will be a great addition to our team and we will invite you to an interview.

Business Track

The business track immerses you in the sales and marketing tasks of a successful company. You will be exposed to all the stages of the sales funnel. You will be mentored and given tasks that immerse you in the commercial aspects of a successful company.

"You are surrounded by highly talented people who are happy to give feedback on your work. They inspire you to learn and improve at an incredibly rapid pace!"
-Moritz Tittler, neXcademy graduate

Software Engineering Track

The software engineering track allows you to get valuable hands-on experience with product development. You can see and be part of the incredible continuous development of our software solutions that address the needs of the real world.

"neXcademy makes learning fun and offers great opportunities to tackle challenging tasks in a very laid-back work culture."
-Christoph Abs, neXcademy graduate