Protect client data

Lawyers and associated legal professionals are legally obliged to protect the sensitive data on their clients’ case files. The highly secure end-to-end encryption of bdrive ensures that only authorized personnel can ever access the data stored in it.

Never lose confidential data

Not only does bdrive protect data from unauthorized access but also from loss. Since it encrypts files and divides them into chucks that are sent to different cloud storage services, data is never lost even if multiple cloud services face technical issues.

Share sensitive date securely

By securely sharing data such as colleagues’ notes and evidence material such as emails and audio recordings on bdrive, legal teams quickly get a 360-degree view of the case to connect the dots.

Access data from anywhere

Be it at your desk or at the court or at the airport, bdrive ensures that you always have access to your data which is synced in real time to all your connected devices.

Collaborate and document session notes

With neXboard, the client gets to see and actively participate in creating session notes. This ensures transparency about the contents of the notes which strengthens the trust between lawyers and clients. Further, this makes follow-up sessions seamless as the lawyer and client are literally on the same page.