Real Estate

Ranging from a solution for encrypted contract management to a solution for regulating access to buildings and property, neXenio’s suite of solutions help real estate agents and owners at different stages of the real estate cycle.

Authenticate securely and seamlessly

Using the data from inbuilt sensors in mobile devices, BAuth learns users’ behavioral traits and utilizes this information to authenticate them. Since BAuth creates a unique behavioral template – which cannot be replicated – to authenticate users, it offers increased security and enhanced usability compared to existing authentication solutions.

Negotiate and manage contracts

Every step of managing contracts from their conception to their execution can be done in bdrive’s highly secure environment. Share drafts, receive input from stakeholders, negotiate and make changes, and share the final contract effortlessly in a single, end-to-end encrypted solution.

Regulate versions and ownership rights

By adapting and revoking access rights, owners of files in bdrive always have full control over who does what to which version. bdrive also logs every change or edit that is made. Therefore, owners and editors of a document can effortlessly revert to older versions or recover deleted files.