Our Story

We met as undergraduate students at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) and became fast friends while working together on our first research project. Even though we were thrilled that companies such as SAP wanted to be our project partner, we had to shelf it in order to move on to the next research project for our studies. After going through this cycle a couple of times, we decided to do something about it and founded neXenio – derived from the word ‘nexus’ – to be a nexus between next-generation research and businesses.

With the right amount of support and motivation from our PhD advisor, Dr. Christoph Meinel, neXenio was born in November 2015 to transform such promising research projects and proof-of-concept prototypes into accessible products. Today, we are a GmbH (limited liability company) with more than 50 employees working on developing user-friendly software to address the current and future needs of rapidly evolving digital workspaces. We are equally proud to have HPI, Bundesdruckerei, and SAP as our partners.

We aim to make cutting-edge research on data security, analysis, and virtual collaboration accessible to the business world. We look forward to being your IT nexus!

Patrick Hennig&Philipp Berger

Co-founders, neXenio