Data Protection - GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies and organizations dealing with the personal data of EU residents to protect this data. Companies using bdrive as their file sharing solution do not have to worry because its end-to-end encryption makes it ‘secure by design’. One of the recommendations of the GDPR is to encrypt personal data to safeguard it, and that is exactly what bdrive does.

Encrypt data locally before it leaves your device

bdrive uses a powerful combination of end-to-end encryption and CloudRAID technology to protect data. It encrypts files on the users’s devices using the latest cryptographic algorithms and divides the encrypted data into chunks.

Protect your data from unauthorized access

bdrive protects organizational data from unauthorized interception or access. Its zero-knowledge system also means that neither the developers nor the cloud storage providers can ever access data shared through bdrive.

Keep your data in Germany

The encrypted chunks of data are then sent to different cloud storage services in Germany. Redundant storage using RAIC (Redundant Array of Independent Clouds) ensures that data is never lost even if multiple cloud services face technical issues.

Control access rights

By adapting and revoking access rights, owners of files in bdrive always have full control over who does what to which version. bdrive also logs every change or edit that is made.