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We offer a range of products that address the security and collaboration needs of rapidly growing digital workspaces. All of our products are continuously developed and adapted to meet our clients’ requirements.

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Seamless and secure access

Our solution analyzes the data from inbuilt sensors in mobile devices to learn users' behavioral traits and create a unique behavioral template. The app then uses this template – which cannot be replicated by others – to verify user identity. All of the data processing and learning happens locally on the app and therefore, no personal or biometric data leaves users' devices.

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Secure Data Sharing and Collaboration

bdrive is a highly secure cloud solution for storing, sharing and processing data. It uses end-to-end encryption and multi-level authentication to safeguard your data.

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Whiteboard for Realtime Collaboration

neXboard is a comprehensive solution for remote and onsite collaboration in real time. In the last year, our users from 48 countries created 9,000 neXboards and shared them with more than 25,000 teammates, partners, and customers.

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